Product Description

Infuse New Life Into Your Climbing Unit: Our vibrant carpet tiles will elevate your space and are available in three eye-catching colours: Dark Grey, Tan and Sea Blue. Get ready to refresh your cat’s playground!

Effortless Swap, Precise Fit: Upgrading your climbing unit is a breeze. Simply peel and replace! Our carpet tiles are laser-cut for a precise fit, ensuring a seamless transformation. Crafted from industrial-grade carpet tile, these are built to withstand indoor and outdoor use.

Product Detail

The total number of carpets that are required for each unit is:

  • The Pro Climber requires four carpets. Two left-handed and two right-handed.
  • The Mini Climber requires two carpets. One left-handed and one right-handed.
  • A Tread Plate Step requires one carpet per unit. Either left or right-handed.

Pricing is per carpet.


Made from heavy-duty, weatherproof carpet tiles.

Laser cut for a precise fit.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.

If placed outside, we suggest installing in a bright and airy location to allow the carpet to dry off.

These panels are to replace carpets on an existing climber unit. Simply peel and replace.

The surface of the carpet can be cleaned with warm soapy water.

Please ensure that the carpet dries off once it’s been washed.

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Cat health and well-being.
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