Catipilla is Live on Kickstarter!



Catipilla is a climbing frame for cats. For indoor or outdoor use, our unique design makes use of vertical wall space. Come and take a look around, or visit Our Story page to find out how Catipilla all started and how our ideas have evolved.

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We've designed a product and tested a prototype. In order to develop Catipilla further, we are now looking for cats lovers to get behind us and support the next stage of our journey. There are many ways to get involved. Click below to find out more.

Our Product

Catipilla is unique. Cats are natural climbers and Catipilla allows them to climb freely in, out and around their home environment with ease. It's a simple, stylish, hassle-free alternative that offers fun for them and practicality for you. 


our mission

To help cats do what comes naturally; climb. 


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