Pro Cat Climber


Pro Cat Climber

What’s It For?

Unlocking vertical space.

Product Description

Tired Of Poor-Quality, Space-Consuming Cat Trees: Welcome to a new era of high-quality, innovative wall-mounted cat furniture. Transform your living space into a stimulating haven of feline fun with our flagship product, the Pro Cat Climber. This product is synonymous with sophistication, quality and a commitment to enhancing your home while catering to your cat’s instinctive needs.

Stimulate Your Cat’s Senses: We understand the importance of nurturing your cat’s natural instincts. Catipilla provides the perfect solution. With our wall-mounted range, your cat can climb, scratch, perch and explore to their heart’s content. Watch as your favourite felines become happier, more fulfilled members of your household that are free from boredom.

Superior Quality, Lasting Beauty: Catipilla stands as a testament to the highest quality. Crafted with premium materials and a flawless finish, our cat furniture is built to endure the test of time. This is a long-term investment in your cat’s well-being and your home’s elegance.

Product Detail

The Pro Cat Climber comprises of 2 x 90cm (35″) Pillars, 2 x Right-Hand Tread Plates and 2 x Left-Hand Tread Plates.

The Tread Plates can be located at any point on the Pillar so the gap between them can be adjusted depending on your cat’s needs.

All fixings are supplied in the packaging and a step-by-step installation guide can be downloaded here


Powder-coated aluminium Pillars.

Enhanced ABS Tread Plate bodies.

Weatherproof carpet surfaces that are suitable for indoor & outdoor installations.

Fully recyclable.

UK delivery: 1-4 days.

European delivery: 4-6 days.

North America delivery: 4-6 days.

Worldwide delivery: 6-8 days.

Suitable for cats of all ages.

This unit supports up to 8kg (18lbs) in weight which caters for almost every breed of domestic cat.

Indoor or Outdoor:

The weatherproof carpet surfaces are made from a hard-wearing, heavy-duty carpet tile material that is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

If placed outside, we suggest installing in a bright and airy location to allow the carpet to dry off.

Height: 185cm | 72″

Width: 100cm | 39″

Depth From Wall: 18cm | 7″

The Pro Cat Climber can also be split in half and installed in a staggered configuration.

The Pro Cat Climber can only be mounted on flat walls.

An installation guide and fixings are included in the box. You can watch a step-by-step installation video here.

Suitable for brick, wood and plasterboard walls. Specialist wall plugs are recommended for plasterboard walls to anchor the product in place.

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8 reviews for Pro Cat Climber

  1. Gemma (verified owner)

    Great product, easy to install and works very well outside, my cats love it, and the carpet on top!

  2. Chris & Eve (verified owners)

    We are big fans of this product almost as much as our cats are.. From our perspective, it has a stylish finish that doesn’t look cheap. You’re certainly paying for quality in this product, it actually looks great in our modern home and I know it will stand the test of time unlike many other pet products.

    From our cats’ perspective, they use it every day without fail. They love the height and different views it gives them, it keeps them entertained when we are not around as we can see them from our spy camera climbing up and down it dragging their toys with them. I’m not sure they view it this way but we’re glad that it also gives them a little exercise.

    We couldn’t recommend this product more highly.

  3. Marjorie D (verified owner)

    The Catipilla is sturdy and strong. It is also wider than I expected so my cats love climbing up the outside wall on it. Once they got the hang of how to climb with a few treats as help!
    I know cats who love to climb are fearless and they will adore going up and down this. It’s weatherproof too which is fantastic.
    Strongly recommended by our cats and Harvey (senior and fearless) recommends Dreamies or Party Mix for getting cats up the Catipilla faster!

  4. Sara M (verified owner)

    Have recently installed Catipilla products in Catnappery Cattery. I believe this is the first installation in a commercial capacity. The whole process was very slick from start to finish and the products look and more importantly WORK, beautifully. The cats have been instinctively drawn to them, they are easy to clean and adjust and provide a wonderful addition to the cattery. We’ve had so many positive comments already! We’re looking forward to working with the Catipilla team in the future and eagerly await the next products in the range.

  5. Kate K (verified owner)

    Brilliant product. I don’t have a cat flap because we have a small Norfolk Terrier. Our cat Lilly quickly learned how to use the steps and can easily get in and out of the window. It was very straight forward to assemble and install. Really thrilled with catipilla – I would highly recommend this product.

  6. Jess (verified owner)

    We have an outdoor Catipilla installation, it actually looks really good attached to the back of the house. Our 3 crazy cats love it! The oldest is so happy when he sprawls out on the top shelf to survey his kingdom. The kit can handle all 3 of them zooming around on it so we know it is very well made! 1 of our cats is not allowed out, this set up really enhances his secure garden playground. Cheers!

  7. Sharon Mc (verified owner)

    After much deliberation and thinking about where we could install this in our house, we purchased the Catipilla Pro. We installed the pro over 2 locations in our house as our ceiling height wasn’t tall enough to accommodate the unit in one at approx 2m high. Luckily the Pro is effectively 2 Catipilla Minis so we split them and installed one downstairs with the Hammock and one upstairs with the High Plate. I also emailed Catipilla and asked them advice and they were very helpful in my decision where to install.

    It took a bit of persuasion at first for our boy Teddy, but with some coaxing with treats and a feather, he now jumps up with ease. His favourite spot is the Hammock and spends hours up there snoozing. Being a mostly indoor cat, we wanted areas he could climb and explore and this ticks the box perfectly. The units are well made and were packaged beautifully. It’s such a simple premise but its perfect for indoor cats and blends in nicely to your surroundings. Am so glad we bought them.

    You can tell these guys have put a lot of thought into this and I look forward to more products in future. Highly recommended ?

  8. AndrewO (verified owner)

    Shipping was so incredibly fast and I was thoroughly impressed! I communicated with Andy about the product and the customer service was fantastic!

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Our Core Values

Why Catipilla? Every product and idea we have is built around these core values.

Cat health and well-being.
Cats deserve the best. They deserve to be active, to be entertained, to stretch, to climb and to rest. To play out all of their natural instincts where they feel safest – at home. Our range has been designed to cater for these instincts and provide the most enjoyment possible.

High-quality, space-saving additions to your home.
Every unit we design is built to last. We want you to have the confidence that our products will stand the test of time. We also want to ensure that cats feel secure on our units and have the freedom to roam wherever they please.

Sustainable products that last a lifetime.
All of our Catipilla products are made from 85% recycled material and we actively work to reduce our energy footprint by sourcing materials close to home.

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