Indoor Cat Safety & Wellbeing

The PDSA estimates that one in four cats in the UK is kept indoor-only. There are several reasons for this and chief among them is that the safety and wellbeing of cats is at the forefront of every cat owner’s mind. In built-up urban areas or near busy roads, many cat owners take the sensible step to limit their cats access outside to protect them from possible danger.

Nevertheless, cats can thrive on the enrichment that the outdoors has to offer: from chasing bugs to sunbathing, outdoor access enables cats to exercise and exhibit their natural behaviours. Indoor cat owners who are looking for solutions to keep their cat enriched and entertained might consider one of the following tips for their cat’s happiness, safety and wellbeing.

Bring The Outdoors, Indoors

You can grow cat-friendly plants in your home, such at cat grass, which will help to aid a cat’s digestive system. You can also build activity centres to enable your cat to leap and play, exercising as thoroughly as any outdoor cat. Having plenty of vertical space in the home will also fulfil an instinctive need of a cat to have an aerial view of their territory where they feel safest. You should also ensure that you leave a window open for a short period (on a latch) to enable fresh air inside and prevent the build-up of potentially harmful household pollutants such as flame retardants on furniture.

Wall-Mounted Cat Furniture Bundle by Catipilla called the Diagonal Bundle.

Provide Your Cat With Outdoor Access By Securing Your Garden

Indoor cats can be provided with safe outdoor access if you have a garden, patio or balcony. Using any combination of cat fence topperscat runscat enclosures and catios, you can cat-proof your outdoor space and enable your cat to come and go from the home to the garden to their heart’s content. You will also have peace of mind about their wellbeing and their safety as you will know that they are in a protected environment.

Cat Owner Blowing Bubbles for Cat in Garden Made Safe with ProtectaPet Cat Fence Topper

Balance Your Cat’s Routine With Play & Enrichment

Cats are creatures of habit and they love nothing more than a routine of daily feeding, resting and playing. But it’s important that indoor cats also have some elements of unpredictability in their day so their routine isn’t monotonous. Occasionally, you can use puzzle feeders and catnip-infused toys to create a sense of anticipation and excitement.

Lady outside with cat

Cat Owner Using Feather Wand for Cat in Garden Made Safe with ProtectaPet Cat Fence Topper.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this summary of our top tips for indoor cat safety and wellbeing. If you have any more tips that you want to add to this list, please get in touch and we will add them in!

Our Core Values

Why Catipilla? Every product and idea we have is built around these core values.

Cat health and well-being.
Cats deserve the best. They deserve to be active, to be entertained, to stretch, to climb and to rest. To play out all of their natural instincts where they feel safest – at home. Our range has been designed to cater for these instincts and provide the most enjoyment possible.

High-quality, space-saving additions to your home.
Every unit we design is built to last. We want you to have the confidence that our products will stand the test of time. We also want to ensure that cats feel secure on our units and have the freedom to roam wherever they please.

Sustainable products that last a lifetime.
All of our Catipilla products are made from 85% recycled material and we actively work to reduce our energy footprint by sourcing materials close to home.