Catipilla Scratcher

Catipilla Scratcher

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Good for your cat. Great for your furniture.

All cats need to scratch but we know that claws can cause havoc. We have designed this module to save those items in the home that are particularly vulnerable to cat’s claws. This module also provides your cat with the necessary tool to tone muscles, alleviate stress and keep those claws in pristine condition. Using the finest South American sisal rope, this scratcher is high-quality, easy to install, and can be rotated or replaced after becoming worn.

Built to imitate a natural look and feel, this range of scratching posts will cater for cats of all sizes . Made from the highest-quality materials, this module is durable and capable of enduring even the most ‘enthusiastic’ cat.  

This is a space-saving module that will satisfy a cat's inherent instincts. For a bespoke length of up to 130cm, please get in touch via our ‘Contact’ page.

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  • Size in photography - 75cm.

  • All fixings supplied in the packaging.

  • Simple installation - 5-10 minutes.

  • Sisal Material - 8mm South American sisal rope.

  • Bracket Materials - Enhanced ABS. An extremely tough and resilient thermoplastic which is 100% recyclable.

  • Metal Collars - Anodised Aluminium. A lightweight, strong, weather-resistant metal made from 79% recycled material.

  • Inner Core - ABS Plastic that will not warp or dampen if placed outside.

  • Replacing the scratcher cylinder takes 30 seconds. Click here to watch a video.