Screwless Scratching Post


Screwless Scratching Post

What’s It For?

Protect your furniture and your wall, all in one go.

Product Description

Durable & Cat-Approved: Crafted from premium and durable rope materials, this post will stand up to even the most enthusiastic scratcher. Satisfy your cat’s natural instincts whilst preserving your furniture.

Easy Installation, No Tools Required: Designed for convenience, the screwless installation of this scratching post is a breeze. Simply adhere the post to your wall without any tools or DIY experience, ensuring a hassle-free setup that will not damage your interior.

Space-Saving Elegance: Wish away bulky, floor-hogging cat furniture. This screwless scratching post will blend into your home decor, providing an elegant solution for both your cat’s needs and your aesthetic preferences.

Product Detail

Choose from the finest South American sisal, English cotton or black softline rope. Sisal is a durable material that will last a long time. We choose to keep our sisal natural, so the rope has not been through any bleaching process. As a result of this, the sisal does retain a natural odour. This odour will dissipate over time but if you would prefer an odour-free product, we would recommend either the cotton or softline option. Being a natural product, there will always be slight colour variations in the sisal.

Cotton is a much softer material that is more suited to indoor-only cats. It is gentle on a cat’s paw but isn’t as durable as sisal. The last option is softline, which is a material that is used in the yacht industry. It has all the appearances of sisal but is a man-made product. This rope is waterproof and does not stretch.

All fixings are supplied in the packaging and a step-by-step installation guide can be downloaded here.

Please be aware that this product can only be installed on a smooth, flat wall.


We source the highest quality rope that we can find that is not bleached.

Being a natural product, there will be slight colour variations and imperfections in the sisal variant.

An inner core of ABS plastic runs the length of the product that will provide plenty of strength.

The Mounting Pads that hold this post to the wall are made from enhanced ABS and use 3M’s proven Command Strip technology to adhere the product to the wall.

UK delivery: 1-4 days.

European delivery: 4-6 days.

North America delivery: 4-6 days.

Worldwide delivery: 6-8 days.

This product is suitable for indoor use only.

Height: Varies

Width: 10cm | 4″

Depth From Wall: 12cm | 5″

This product can only be installed on a smooth, flat wall.

It involves a simple installation process that will take between 5-10 minutes.

An installation guide and fixings are included in the box. Click here to download the installation guide.

Its rigid plastic inner core and cylindrical shape give this unit considerable strength.

The scratching cylinder can also be rotated or replaced when the rope becomes worn.

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