Catipilla High Plate

Catipilla High Plate


For stalking, observing and watching the world go by.

The High Plate acts as an elevated vantage point, allowing cats to keep watch over the surrounding area. This module provides cat's with a private and stress-free sanctuary, away from any disturbance.

This module is ideal for any household that is busy. Cats will enjoy being centre-stage for a time, but after a while they will want to recoup and find a place to rest in a calm and quiet space. Cats love to be up high where they can observe at a safe distance from any goings-on below, and the High Plate provides them with this option.

The High Plate will hold the weight of any cat comfortably, from a Siamese right up to a Maine Coon. The surface of the High Plate is easy to keep clean and will last years of use both indoors and out.

The High Plate was developed alongside the Pro and Mini to act as a destination point for all active, climbing cats.

The High Plate contains: 1 x High Plate & 1 x Supporting Bracket.

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Additional Info

  • All fixings supplied in the packaging.

  • Simple Installation - 5-10 Minutes. Click here to watch a short installation video.

  • Dimensions:  Depth - 32.5cm / 12.8"    Thickness - 8cm / 3.1"    Width - 68.4cm / 27"

  • High Plate Material – EPP. A highly versatile closed-cell bead foam that provides impact resistance, water resistance and an exceptional strength to weight ratio.

  • Outer Casing – Enhanced ABS. An extremely tough and resilient thermoplastic enhanced to provide high UV resistance. ABS is 100% recyclable. 

  • Support Bracket Material - Anodised Aluminium. A lightweight, strong, weather-resistant metal made from 79% recycled material. 

  • Patented.