Catipilla Scratcher

Catipilla Scratcher


To protect the furnishings of home.  

All cats need to scratch but we know that claws can cause havoc. We have designed this module to save those items in the home that are particularly vulnerable. Designed to fit onto the Pillar and between other modules, this Scratcher is a practical and useful addition to any Catipilla configuration.

Built to immitate a natural look and feel, cats will have ample space to stretch, claw, tone muscles and relieve some stress. Made of the highest-quality woven fiber for increased durability, this module is capable of enduring multiple maulings.  

This is a space-saving module that will satisfy a cat's inherant instincts.  

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  • This module is still in development and has not yet been fully tested.

  • This is a product we are looking to bring to market in mid-2018. 

  • Patent Pending.