Catipilla Pro

Catipilla Pro


A 2m Climber that is the core unit in Catipilla’s range and the heart of most installations. Combining an elegant design with a practical use, the Catipilla Pro encourages cats to climb in the most natural way possible. Built to appeal to a cat’s instinct, the Catipilla Pro provides a pathway up walls and makes unique use of vertical space.

This unit was designed to complement the High Plate or Hammock, providing a healthy balance of rest and play for cats of all breeds and ages to enjoy. The climbing frame will support up to 15kg in weight. The Pro was a finalist in Pet Quip’s ‘2018 Product of the Year for Healthy Innovation’.

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  • All fixings supplied in the packaging. 

  • Dimensions: Total Height - 200cm / 78"   Total Width - 96cm / 38.5"    Depth - 16cm / 6.3"

  • Simple Installation - 15-20 Minutes. Click here to watch a short installation video.

  • Pillar Material – Anodised Aluminium. A lightweight, strong, weather-resistant metal made from 79% recycled material. 

  • Tread Plate Material – EPP. A highly versatile closed-cell bead foam that provides impact resistance, water resistance and an exceptional strength to weight ratio.

  • Outer Casing – Enhanced ABS. An extremely tough and resilient thermoplastic enhanced to provide high UV resistance. ABS is 100% recyclable. 

  • Patented.