Catipilla High Plate


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Catipilla High Plate

For stalking, observing and watching the world go by.

The High Plate acts as an elevated vantage point, allowing cats to keep watch over the surrounding area. This module provides cats with a private and stress-free sanctuary, away from any disturbance. The surface of the High Plate is easy to keep clean and will last years of use both indoors and out.

The High Plate was developed alongside the Catipilla Pro and Mini to act as a destination point for all active, climbing cats. A Catipilla Cushion will make this Plate that much more comfortable.

It is suitable for all breed sizes but is more suited to the heavier breeds due to the stable setting that this platform gives them to fully relax.

STOCK OUT: unfortunately we have run out of stock and we are unable to get more in at present due to COVID-19 related supply chain issues. We sincerely apologise for this. We are using this period to make some adjustments to all our product line (based on customer feedback) and to adjust our supply chain for the future. Our expectation is to have new High Plates available later this summer. Thank you for your patience at this time.

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Out of stock

Anoised aluminum.

Expanded polypropylene.

Enhanced ABS-Plastic.

Fully recyclable.

Available Worldwide.

UK Delivery: 5 days.

European Delivery: 8 days.

Worldwide Delivery: 12 days.

Suitable for all breeds. Up to 15kg in weight.

The High Plate tends to be a preferred choice for heavier cats.

30-Day returns policy. Click the link below to view our returns policy in full.

View Returns Policy.

Indoor or Outdoor.

Depth: 32.5cm | 13″

Thickness: 8cm | 3″

Width: 68.5cm | 27″

10-15 minutes. Click to watch a short video.

Suitable for brick, wood and plasterboard walls.

Minimal Wash once a week if placed outside.

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2 reviews for Catipilla High Plate

  1. Lisa Vaughan

    Best thing we ever brought for the cats! Being house cats their views are quite limited but this has really given them a whole new outlook. Will be adding to it soon.

  2. James Lamb

    We are delighted with our Catipilla mini and highplate. Super adaptable to different spaces and very high quality materials and construction. With so many budget pet products out there the Catipilla is a refreshing change! Highly recommended.

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