High Plate Shelf



High Plate Shelf

The High Plate acts as an elevated vantage point, allowing cats to keep watch over the surrounding area. This shelf provides cats with a private and stress-free sanctuary that is away from any disturbance. The surface of the High Plate is scalloped, making this the perfect place for a cat to curl up and take a nap.

The High Plate was developed alongside the Catipilla Pro and Mini to act as a destination point for all active, climbing cats. The optional cushion adds an extra layer of comfort.

It is suitable for all breeds but is more suited to the heavier breeds due to the stable setting that this platform gives them to relax. This module will support up to 10kg in weight. Click here to download an installation guide.

Available in 3 colour options: Jet Black, Gunmetal Grey and Pure White so you can tailor the unit to your home interior. The Gunmetal Grey and Pure White version have a light grey underside, whilst the Jet Black version has a black underside.



Powder-coated steel frame that provides support for the unit.

Enhanced ABS High Plate body.

Optional cushion made from faux fur and faux leather.

Fully recyclable.

UK delivery: 3-5 days.

European delivery: 8-10 days.

North America delivery: 5-7 days.

Worldwide delivery: 10-12 days.

Suitable for cats of all ages.

This unit supports up to 10kg in weight which caters for almost every breed of domestic cat.

The High Plate tends to be a preferred choice for heavier cats.

Indoor or Outdoor:

The cushion is recommended for indoor use only.

Depth: 35cm

Thickness: 5cm

Width: 60cm

Can only be installed on flat walls.

An installation guide and all fixings are included. Click here to download installation guide.

Suitable for brick, wood and plasterboard walls. Specialist wall plugs are recommended for plasterboard walls to anchor the product in place.

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7 reviews for High Plate Shelf

  1. Charanveer (verified owner)

    Great products and equally good customer service. My cat Billie is in love with it and uses it daily!!

    • Review platform: Google
  2. Hasara (verified owner)

    Our 2 cats, Lumos & Noxie, LOVE their Catipilla cat wall. They love lounging on the high plate and use the hammock to play with their toys. It has been great to provide them with an additional place to climb in our tiny 2 bedroom apartment.

    • Review platform: Google
  3. James L (verified owner)

    We are delighted with our Catipilla mini and highplate. Super adaptable to different spaces and very high quality materials and construction. With so many budget pet products out there the Catipilla is a refreshing change! Highly recommended.

    • Review platform: Google
  4. Eve (verified owner)

    Excellent cat shelves which the cats love and use regularly to climb up and watch the world go by. Fun for playing, snoozing and watching the birds. This is a high quality product!

    • Review platform: Google
  5. Nadine D (verified owner)

    Our cats adore their highplate, Loki our almost 8kg cat regularly takes his afternoon nap there. Customer service is brilliant from the company.

    • Review platform: Google
  6. Michael

    Tolle Qualität – schnelle Lieferung – alles bestens – Vielen Dank!

    • Ria W (verified owner)

      Quick delivery and very well made. Easy to assemble. Would be great to get different coloured mats to match the bed 🙂

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