UK scale-up climbs to new heights in growing global pet market

Cat Climbing on Wall-mounted Climbers

What do NASA, an expanding customer base in over 15 countries and cats all have in common? Catipilla, our luxury cat furniture business based in Wales.

We were founded by entrepreneur, former NASA engineer and business leader Andy Sutton and his son Joseph in 2016. And we’ve followed an impressive growth trajectory ever since. What’s more, we’ve overcome the significant challenges presented by Coronavirus. Establishing a new UK manufacturing partner and undertaking an exciting product re-design already in 2020.

Our partners & products

Listed at Pets at Home since 2018, with global partnerships including IAMS, Etsy, Google and Amazon, we are endorsed by the charity International Cat Care. After securing external investment from a Business Angel in 2019, we’ll be raising equity investment to fuel our growth plans with Crowdcube from September 2020.

Starting with Cat Climbers and Resting Points, the Catipilla range now extends to Scratchers and Accessories. And will soon include an innovative new cat Teepee.

Our founders (human & feline)

Our founder and CEO, Andy Sutton, said, “Catipilla products are made by cat lovers for cat lovers. It all started when our own cat, Smudge, couldn’t jump through the window. As an engineer, I am always looking for solutions to common household problems. So I built her a wooden ramp.

“Multiple visitors asked me to build a ramp for their cat. That’s when we realised that there are a lot of cats out there who need our help. Our mission is to satisfy a cat’s innate instincts to roam, climb and explore – while keeping our feline friends happy, healthy, stimulated and safe, in and around the home. We think they look stylish too, and our customers agree!”

All of our products are developed in partnership with vets, cat charities and feline experts to improve the health and wellbeing of cats. The entire Catipilla range is proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK from 85% recycled materials. Delivering innovative engineering, high-quality production and beautiful design at an affordable price.

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Our Core Values

Wondering why you should choose Catipilla? These values underpin every Catipilla creation.

Our cats deserve the best.
No cat owner wants to leave their cat to a day of boredom when they leave for work. Our cats deserve to be entertained, to play and stretch and climb (and, on those lazy summer afternoons, to nap in total luxury).

Cat furniture should benefit cats whilst being a stylish addition to your home.
But it shouldn’t cost a fortune. We raise the bar for cat furniture through innovative design and by providing high-quality products and exceptional value for money. We’re confident that you won’t find anything like Catipilla on the market.

Cat furniture should be sustainable and last a lifetime.
That’s why all of our Catipilla products are made from 85% recycled materials and built to last.

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