How To Keep Cats Active Indoors

Whether your cat stays indoors or roams outside, there are times when she has to spend a prolonged period inside the home. This blog post looks at the different techniques that you can use to keep your cat active and stimulated in the home. Keeping your cat active helps to tackle boredom-related behavioural problems and will keep them sleek, slim and in perfect physical condition.

Cats love to play and this activity is the best way to keep a cat stimulated indoors. This play can be direct – with you – or through a variety of interactive toys that can be bought in stores or online. Playing with you directly is the most beneficial for cats for behavioural reasons. This type of play replicates natural activity and will stimulate a cat’s instincts to stalk and hunt. Playing with your cat for 10 minutes every day will also help to strengthen the bond that you have. Electronic, remote control and solo play-toys can mimic similar effects but lack the natural movements of a human touch. This link will take you through to Amazon’s Top 20 Cat Toys to give you an idea of the types of toys that could help.

Food hunting is another important activity that can keep a cat entertained. Similar to playing, hunting is a natural instinct for cats and hiding food around the house will help trigger these responses. Just make sure that you keep a check on the amount of food that is being hidden around the house so your cat can’t overfeed! Another option is to provide your cat with a food-dispenser that releases treats appropriately. These dispensers often come with interactive games or activities so your cat can be rewarded for mental activity.

Replicating an outdoor environment inside the home is also advisable. This gives cats the chance to climb and observe from up-high. The use of vertical territory is vital for a cat’s well-being and is frequently seen in the wild. From a vantage point, cats can practise a range of physical and mental instincts such as stalking, climbing and jumping. Importantly, vertical space also provides safe areas for sleeping. Another way in which a cat can keep active is by exercising on a cat wheel, although this activity is comparably artificial and few cats find long-term satisfaction from such devices. Additionally, placing moving objects outside of a window can be mentally beneficial. Scratching posts are also key to preventing damage and helping to tone muscle and relieve stress.

Of course, one of the best ways to keep your cat active is by having a companion. It’s important that, when introducing one cat to another, they get off on the right foot. Time should be taken to ease both cats into each other’s lives. Cats are territorial by nature, so make sure that they are compatible before placing them inside a home together. Getting a playmate shouldn’t replace the playtime that you have with your cats but will ensure that both cats have company whenever you step out of the home. When two cats get on well, they will be far happier and healthier, and if that’s the case, why stop at two?

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