A Beginner’s Guide to the Russian Blue

This series of blog posts has covered the basics of Britain’s most-loved pedigree cats. Next up, the elegant and agile Russian Blue.


The Russian Blue has a few distinguishable features that set them apart from a lot of pedigree breeds. Their shimmering blue coats and piercing emerald green eyes combine to create a truly unique appearance that helps to explain why this breed is so popular. Russian’s also have muscular and well-toned bodies that are physically strong and agile. The sleek definition of their body continues right down to their tails, which are longer than most, helping to keep this cat well balanced. Their legs are similarly nimble, allowing them to move with grace.


Russian’s are renowned for their intelligence and need to be kept stimulated/active inside the home. They enjoy learning new tricks and exploring new places. They will happily play with their owners if they’re in the right mood, and will take to interactive games if they are deemed worthy of their attention. It should be noted that Russian’s tend to be aloof around people that they are not familiar with, and will take time to warm to new people that come into their environment. Once a bond has been formed though, Russian’s enjoy being the centre of attention and will want to be petted by anyone in reach. They are gentle by nature and vocally quiet for much of the time.

Energy and Play

The Russian is a cat that is full of energy. They like to climb up high and observe their surroundings while looking down on the world below. Finding a high, safe and comfortable vantage point from which to rest, observe and assess their environment is a Russian’s view of cat heaven.

For those Russian’s that are kept inside, they need to have toys to keep them active and be given places to hide and rest when they want some down-time. They have the ability to switch from ‘on’ to ‘off’ with relative ease, and need to be catered for depending on their mood.

In the Family

As a relaxed and laid-back breed, Russian’s are a good choice for young families. While we would always advise caution with cats and any young person, this breed is particularly gentle and kind by nature. Russian’s also tend to form strong bonds with dogs, as they are one of the more social types of cat.

Health and Grooming

A Russian’s feeding routine is important. It is advised that Russian’s stick to the same feeding routine to avoid any tummy upsets or troubles. Due to their slim-lined and muscular physics, Russian’s need a steady supply of high-quality food and, of course, fresh/clean drinking water at all times.

Russian’s tend to live for between 15-20 years and are one of the healthiest breeds around. They are not known to suffer from any heredity or genetic disorders unlike many other pedigree cats. They are relatively low maintenance and only require regular grooming to keep their coats in top condition. A thorough weekly brush should be enough to keep their coats shiny and clean, with a nice sheen. Like most breeds, they tend to shed most of their hair in the Spring and then again in Autumn. During these time periods, brushing more frequently is required to keep on top of things. Keeping a keen eye on Russian’s ears is also advisable to ensure that they are free of dirt, dust and any ear mites.

Due to their striking appearance, kind nature and high intelligence, the Russian Blue is one of the UK’s most favoured pedigree cats. After all, who could resist those emerald green eyes?

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