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Your cat should be happy, healthy and be able to do what comes naturally; to roam, climb & explore. Our products create new spaces for cats whilst looking great and saving space in the home.

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Catipilla Climbers and High Plate


Our luxury cat trees are unlike anything you’ve seen before. Buy a single tread plate to act as a mid-point between the ground and a hard-to-reach space or opt for our flagship Catipilla Pro, an elegant system built to appeal to a cat’s natural instinct to climb. For use both inside and outside the home, you can design the perfect installation just for you.

Scratchers & Accessories

Complement your Catipilla setup with high-end accessories — because only the best will do. Shop comfy cushions, wall-mounted cat scratchers, hand-made porcelain bowls and more.


Save on the cost of buying climbing frames and perches separately with our Catipilla bundles. Keep your cat entertained with multiple climbing options and give them the purrfect safe space to relax in a Catipilla hammock or high plate.

Resting Points

Cats who love the high life deserve to relax in comfort. Opt for a high plate for watching the world go by or go for a snug hammock where they can enjoy a catnap in their own private sanctuary. For the ultimate in cat luxury, keep an eye out for our soon-to-be-released wall-mounted Catipilla TeePee.

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Meet Smudge

Smudge is the founder of Catipilla and the reason we are here. At the age of 18, Smudge began to lose strength in her back legs and found it difficult to climb into our ground-floor window — her favourite way to come back home. We built a DIY ramp to support her and let her come and go as she pleased. Not only did this improve her quality of life and allow her to do what came naturally, but we also noticed that she wasn’t the only one who loved it! All four of our cats enjoyed navigating the ramps and relaxing on the higher vantage points, surveying their kingdom (or backyard), and Catipilla was born.
Catipilla’s beautifully designed high-end cat furniture creates a safe and secure environment for your cat to explore the innate instincts that are so important for their happiness, health and wellbeing. We enjoy the latest innovations, so why shouldn’t your cat be able to, also? Our modular design is adaptable and adjustable, allowing you to tailor your installation to your cat’s needs and environment. Unlike traditional unsightly cat climbers that are plonked into a corner and take up valuable space, Catipilla is made from the highest quality materials, looks great and can be fixed to walls both indoors and out (it’s easy, even if you don’t do DIY!).
An innovation in design and with a build quality unlike anything else on the market, Catipilla is the simple, stylish and hassle-free alternative that offers fun for felines and practicality for you. Turn your stylish cat furniture into a feature instead of something you store away out of sight when visitors arrive — because if your cat could talk, they’d be telling their furry friends they’ve got the best home there is. We don’t believe that luxury should cost the earth, so why not treat your cat to a Catipilla today? It really can transform their life.

Catipilla helps create secure, safe spaces for cats to roam and climb freely.

What Our Customers Say

Our customers love Catipilla. We’ve sold 1,000’s of products to cat owners, vets and catteries across the World and haven’t had one dissatisfied customer (or cat!) yet.

Our Core Values

Wondering why you should choose Catipilla? These values underpin every Catipilla creation.

Our cats deserve the best.
No cat owner wants to leave their cat to a day of boredom when they leave for work. Our cats deserve to be entertained, to play and stretch and climb (and, on those lazy summer afternoons, to nap in total luxury).

Cat furniture should benefit cats whilst being a stylish addition to your home.
But it shouldn’t cost a fortune. We raise the bar for cat furniture through innovative design and by providing high-quality products and exceptional value for money. We’re confident that you won’t find anything like Catipilla on the market.

Cat furniture should be sustainable and last a lifetime.
That’s why all of our Catipilla products are made from 85% recycled materials and built to last.

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