Catipilla Mini

Catipilla Mini

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If the Catipilla Pro is a cat, then the Catipilla Mini is a kitten. 

The best gifts often come in the smallest packages and the Catipilla Mini is no exception. Made from the same high-quality materials, the Mini is a shorter, more compact version of the Catipilla Pro and is designed to complement the quirks of any home.

At 1m tall but only 15cm deep, the Mini makes use of vertical space without intruding on any floor space below. This unit can be used stand-alone, or as a stylish stepping-stone from one area to the next. The Mini is a neat unit that is ideal for those tight spaces.

For shorter stature breeds of cat such as a Munchkin, another Tread Plate can be added to lessen the gap between each Plate.

The Catipilla Mini contains: 1 x 1m Pillar and 2 Tread Plates.  

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  • Simple Installation - 5-10 Minutes. Click here to download a copy of the Instruction Booklet.

  • All fixings supplied in the packaging. 

  • Dimensions: Total Height - 100cm / 39"   Total Width - 96cm / 38.5"

  • Pillar Material – Anodised Aluminium. A lightweight, strong, weather-resistant metal made from 79% recycled material.

  • Tread Plate Material – EPP. A highly versatile closed-cell bead foam that provides impact resistance, water resistance and an exceptional strength to weight ratio.

  • Outer Casings - Enhanced ABS. An extremely tough and resilient thermoplastic enhanced to provide high UV resistance. ABS is 100% recyclable. 

  • Patented.