Tread Plate Steps


Tread Plate Steps

These Tread Plate Steps are versatile units that complement the Pro and Mini Cat Climbers. This sleek module will help cats discover space that would otherwise be out of reach. Often used to link up different modules in the Catipilla range, these are lightweight units that are useful stepping stones from one area to the next.

This unit comes with a 9cm Pillar so the step can be mounted onto the wall. Both Left-Handed and Right-Handed Tread Plates are available so you can move diagonally up or down depending on the space that is available. These units are also suitable for indoor or outdoor environments.

Available in various colour combinations so you can tailor your installation to suit your home. All fixings are supplied in the packaging and a step-by-step installation guide can be downloaded here.


Powder-coated aluminium Pillars.

Enhanced ABS Tread Plate Step bodies.

Weatherproof carpet surfaces that are suitable for indoor & outdoor installations.

Fully recyclable.

UK delivery: 1-4 days.

European delivery: 4-6 days.

North America delivery: 4-6 days.

Worldwide delivery: 6-8 days.

Suitable for cats of all ages.

This unit supports cats up to 8kg in weight which caters for almost every breed of domestic cat.

Indoor or Outdoor:

The weatherproof carpet surfaces are made from a hard-wearing, heavy-duty carpet tile material that is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

If placed outside, we suggest installing in a bright and airy location to allow the carpet to dry off.

Length: 64cm

Height: 14cm

Depth From Wall: 18cm

The Tread Plate Steps can only be mounted on flat walls.

An installation guide and fixings are included in the box. You can watch a step-by-step installation video here.

Suitable for brick, wood and plasterboard walls. Specialist wall plugs are recommended for plasterboard walls to anchor the product in place.

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4 reviews for Tread Plate Steps

  1. Lydia D (verified owner)

    100% recommend Catipilla for cat towers! Good quality products & clear instructions included. Quick delivery in good condition. Also had very quick response to questions relating wall fixings required via both email and social media. Professional & helpful company. Our cats love them too!

  2. Ashley (Verified Owner)

    Such a great product, have this set up in my bedroom and my cat loves sleeping at height so this certainly suited her needs and she absolutely loves it, definately will be ordering more from Catipilla!

  3. Gerda (verified owner)

    Very friendly, quick delivery, good materials

  4. Seonaid MAckenzie (verified owner)

    Five Stars…….I had lots of upside down plant pots on the side of the shed and a shelf, the Catipilla literally has changed the lives of the 5 cats, we have, that use the side of our shed to climb out of our small London Walled Garden, I was worried our 15 year old cat would not learn the system but the younger cats were great role models. Brilliant I wish I had invented it, I certainly had the concept, I had built wooden ones but the spacing and carpet on these was just superb, I am saving up to get another set. Getting the cats this news system has meant that we can now use our little patio for tables and chairs, so we are ready for Summer 2021, when it arrives.

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