TeePee Panels



TeePee Panels

Time to renovate your TeePee? There’s so many different colour combinations to choose from and have some fun with. These panels are laser cut for a precise fit and will add some vibrancy to your High Plate installation.

Please be aware that you’ll need 5 panels in your TeePee Tent to make a full set. Choose all the same colour, one of each colour, or any other combination you can think of.

Pricing is per panel.



The panels are made from high-quality faux leather.

The eyelets are made from stainless steel.

Suitable for indoor or sheltered outdoor.

If installing outside, please avoid windy locations and place the TeePee in an area where the panels can dry off. Mould might develop on the panel if the material can’t dry between wet weather.

These panels are to replace panels on an existing TeePee installation.

If you are looking for a new TeePee with all of the wall mounts, please visit the TeePee Tent page.

You can wash the panels with warm soapy water.

Please don’t apply too much pressure on the panel when washing.

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