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Hammock Fabrics

Want to revamp your Hammock? We could all do with a refresh from time to time and with such a wide variety of colours to choose from, why wait? To replace your existing Hammock, simply remove the end caps from the support rods, slide off the material and replace. It’s that easy.

The Hammock material is a tough, vulcanised rubber that was specially selected due to its ability to endure cats’ claws. It is also easy to keep clean and will last a lot use both inside and outside the home. Please note that the White version is made from a more porous material that is better suited for outdoor use.

Pricing is per unit. Delivery will be through our tried and tested courier service.



The Hammock material is a vulcanised rubber that is easy to keep clean.

It is also durable against cats’ claws.

Indoor or outdoor.

Can be installed on any existing Catipilla Hammock.

Simply slide your old Hammock off the support rods and replace.

The vulcanised rubber can be washed with warm soapy water.

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