Wall-Mounted Climbing Pole



Wall-Mounted Climbing Pole

Our Climbing Poles offer athletic cats another way to reach new heights. Using the finest South American sisal rope, these climbing poles are high-quality and easy to install. Each climbing pole also doubles up as a long-lasting, durable cat scratching post that can be rotated or replaced after becoming worn.

Designed to mimic the natural feel of a tree trunk, this unit is appealing to those cats who love to climb and be up high. It can also be combined with the High Plate or Hammock which can act as elevated vantage points once the summit has been reached. This unit will take up minimal space in the home and provide your cat with a place to practise their innate instincts.

Order the Complete Unit With Fixings if this is your first installation. This pack contains all of the wall fixings that are required for a new installation.

Order Replacement Sisal Cylinder Only if you wish to replace the sisal cylinder on an existing installation. This process is straightforward and will take five minutes to complete.



South American sisal rope. We source the highest quality, natural sisal rope that is not bleached.

Being a natural product, there will be slight colour variations and imperfections in the sisal.

An inner core of ABS plastic runs the length of the product that won’t dampen/warp in wet weather.

UK delivery: 3-5 days.

European delivery: 8-10 days.

North America delivery: 5-7 days.

Worldwide delivery: 10-12 days.

Indoor or Outdoor:

If mounting outdoors where the scratcher may become wet, we recommend installing in an area with good air circulation and sunshine. Otherwise, like all natural ropes, the sisal may develop mould if it remains wet or damp for an extended period. You can apply preservative onto the rope to deter the formation of mould but we prefer to keep our materials natural.

Additional wall fixings can be purchased if you would like to have different mounting points at home.

Height: 90cm or 115cm | 35″ or 45″

Width: 10cm | 3.8″

Depth From Wall: 12cm | 4.7″

A simple installation process that will take between 10-15 minutes.

An installation booklet and all fixings are included.

Its rigid plastic inner core and cylindrical shape give this unit considerable strength.

The scratching cylinder can also be rotated or replaced when the sisal rope becomes worn.

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6 reviews for Wall-Mounted Climbing Pole

  1. Kim (verified owner)

    This was a great purchase. Delivery was quick and it’s look is fantastic. Thank you so much!

    • Review platform: Etsy
  2. Rachel K (verified owner)

    A really great product. Most cat scratchers are a bit unsightly, (believe me, I’ve looked) but this has been well considered and designed, making a stylish product, at an excellent price point, that our cat Cachou loves. Wall mounting keeps it out of the way too. Thoroughly recommended!

    • Review platform: Google
  3. Lizzy (verified owner)

    Great product! After a long search for a compact cat scratcher, was so pleased to come across the Catipilla range. Our cat loves it for scratching and a climb for some treats at the top. Slim line and super sturdy. And perfect if looking to save space. Delivery was quick and installation was nice and easy.

    • Review platform: Google
  4. Penthee (verified owner)

    It’s great! My cat seems to like it a lot and uses it everyday.

    • Review platform: Etsy
  5. Donna (verified owner)

    The cat climbing pole is made extremely well, my cat loves it! The sellers customer service is outstanding. I would highly recommend

    • Review platform: Etsy
  6. Louise Slaytor

    I’m here to buy my second climbing pole! My two rescued cats, Fluffabella and Loka, absolutely LOVE this! Along with the scratching post and hammock, they use it every day without fail and has become a part of their daily routine. They love chasing each other up and down it. It’s so pleasing and funny to watch their little characters flourish with this piece of equipment. I can’t see them without it now. We shall look forward to our second one being delivered so they can each have a space to climb up to and chill. It’s like we have a little cat gym going on in our hallway. Thank you so much! It’s so well built and sturdy. I’ve already given recommendations out to friends as this is just an ingenious idea!

    Lu x

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