Preparing for Launch

Catipilla exhibition booth with real cats


It was with a sense of excitement and relief that we set our Kickstarter launch date for April 10th, a mere 3 weeks away. With the date fast approaching, we thought we’d update you on our preparations for launch.

Following successful testing on our finalised design, we have been speaking with numerous manufactures to get the best possible product to market. We are focused on delivering a high-quality product, so the challenge in sourcing premium materials for reasonable prices has taken us far and wide. After considerable investigation, we are confident that we have found some excellent manufacturers to produce high-quality Catipilla’s at a great price.

In parallel, over the past month we have run a series of focus groups in order to understand what new modules Catipilla customers may want to see in the future. We recognise that every cat and cat owners is different, and we want Catipilla’s modular design to be able to cater for everyone. A number of exciting ideas were developed, including an array of additional modules that we want to bring to market later this year. There will be a sneak preview of these modules on the website in the coming week. If your cat likes scratching and sleeping, you might want to check them out.

We have been blown away by the raft of positive comments that we have received from cat people across the world. From New Zealand to Switzerland and Sweden to the United States, the reaction has been overwhelming. We want to thank each and every one of you for getting in touch, and are currently in discussion with a world-renowned logistics company so we can fulfil our delivery promises to people everywhere.

A special thank you must go to the numerous cat bloggers who are helping us spread the word. Their insight, feedback and general knowledge in cat-related subjects has been, and continues to be, a source of immense inspiration and support.

So, we remain on track and are confident of achieving our target launch date of April 10th. The next, critical stage of our journey is fast approaching and with your continued support we will achieve our next objective. The clock is ticking.


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Our Core Values

Wondering why you should choose Catipilla? These values underpin every Catipilla creation.

Our cats deserve the best.
No cat owner wants to leave their cat to a day of boredom when they leave for work. Our cats deserve to be entertained, to play and stretch and climb (and, on those lazy summer afternoons, to nap in total luxury).

Cat furniture should benefit cats whilst being a stylish addition to your home.
But it shouldn’t cost a fortune. We raise the bar for cat furniture through innovative design and by providing high-quality products and exceptional value for money. We’re confident that you won’t find anything like Catipilla on the market.

Cat furniture should be sustainable and last a lifetime.
That’s why all of our Catipilla products are made from 85% recycled materials and built to last.

Paws For Thought

Our blog is packed full of interesting tidbits and tips on caring for your feline friend, whether you?re wondering how to keep your cat stimulated indoors, where domestic cats originated or how much sleep your cat needs.

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