Useful Hints and Tips for a Happy Cat


At Catipilla, we are passionate about cats and we want them to lead a happy, stress-free life. We initially embarked on our journey to help improve our elderly cat’s life by allowing her to climb despite ageing leg joints, but we have learned plenty of other tips and tricks along the way. We are keen to share these tips with you too so we can ensure that our feline friends are leading the best lives possible. 

Kate Benjamin and Jackson Galaxy are leading experts in the cat industry and have championed the need for cats to be stimulated inside the home. Jackson is a cat behaviourist and Kate is an interior designer who have published a prominent book on cat behaviour (link), and have coined the popular term ‘Catification’ as a need for cat owners to enhance the environment of a cat’s living space. 

Kate and Jackson passionately challenge the belief that cats are completely independent and self-sufficient pets that can be ‘left-alone.’ Kate has said that for ‘cat to live fulfilling, rich lives, they need the proper environment to thrive.’ To build this environment, cats needs an array of objects to help them feel as natural and safe as possible. Claw scratchers, climbing frames, cat toys, clean and ample litter trays and flowing water, as well as good nutrition and regular check-ups at a veterinary practise, all ensures a cat can maintain a healthy lifestyle. At Catipilla we certainly endorse this outlook and our three, active, energetic cats are living proof that this works. We can say with confidence that climbing and observing from up on high has become a favoured daily pastime.

Other useful tips are that cats should have a clear view out of the window to practice stalking, that they have small spaces to crawl up into (cardboard boxes are both affordable and practical) and that they have  access to a secure outdoor area or ‘catio’ if possible. These hints and tips are relatively simple to do and can significantly help a cat’s happiness by replicating a natural environment. 

With such an array of exciting, innovative products coming into the pet marketplace to help cats lead happier lives, we are so excited to be a part of this industry. If anyone else has any useful hints or tips, then please do get in touch and we will update this blog post!