Sitting Plates

Sitting Plates


This module was originally designed as a place for cats to sit whilst waiting to be let in through a window. It's clever design allows you to position the plate in a number of locations outside your window. The plate can be attached to the Pillar, directly to a wall or suspended under a window using an extendable bracket. It can be used by cats as a resting place above the ground where they can survey their surroundings. Cats will also use a Sitting Plate positioned outside a window to make you aware that they want to come into the home. 

This product has been designed as an add-on to the Catipilla Pro and will be made available shortly after the release of Catipilla Pro. 

Dimensions: Plate Width - 30cm / 11.8"   Plate Depth - 20cm / 7.8"

Patent Pending.

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