Catipilla Pillar

Catipilla Pillar

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Safety, style, and security are at the core of this module. The Pillar forms the backbone of the Catipilla Pro and Mini and will support a number of other modules that are in development. All modules are locked in place using an adjustable stopper, which can be situated anywhere on the Pillar. 

The adjustable stopper that holds the modules in place has an inbuilt security feature. It can be configured so that if any animal weighing heavier than a cat steps on the module, the stopper will release and the module will slide slowly to the bottom of the Pillar. This feature is particularly relevant to outdoor installations. 

The Pillar can be bought in 2 different lengths. The 1m Pillar is the standard length and supports the Catipilla Mini. The Catipilla Pro is supported by 2 x 1m Pillars. We also offer a shorter Pillar that is 15cm in length for individual modules to be mounted on.  

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  • Dimensions: Pillar Width - 6cm / 2.4"   Pillar Length - 100cm / 39.4"  or  15cm / 5.9"  Pillar Depth - 4cm / 1.6"

  • Simple Installation - 15-20 Minutes. Click here to watch a short installation video.

  • Pillar Material: – Anodised Aluminium. A lightweight, strong, weather resistant metal made from 79% recycled material. 

  • Patented.