Catipilla Cushion

Catipilla Cushion



For comfort.

These handmade cushions add a touch of style to any Catipilla installation. With a couple of options to choose from, these cushions will catch the eye of cats and owners alike. The hidden zip allows for the covers to be removed and washed, meaning that they can be kept clean throughout the year.

These cushions have been designed to complement the High Plate. They can also be used stand-alone, and the thick foam innards offer a soft place for your cat to wind-down. 

The cushions will also become available in indoor and outdoor options. The outdoor options will be entirely waterproof and the outer material will be durable against the elements.

Having done extensive testing, Catipilla’s in-house cats give the Catipilla Cushion a big paws up!

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  • Handmade. 

  • Removable and washable covers. 

  • Indoor and Outdoor options. 

  • Range of colourful designs.

  • Dimensions : Lenght:70cm.    Width:   38cm.   Depth: 4cm. 

  • For use with the Catipilla High Place or own its own.