Catipilla at Home


A Simple Climbing Frame

First and foremost, Catipilla can be used as an indoor or outdoor climbing frame. Cats love to climb but as our towns and cities grow bigger, there are fewer places for cats to enjoy what comes naturally to them. Catipilla can be fixed to any wall and it's sleek design combines a practical use with a polished look. The platforms will support cats of all shapes and sizes and the modular design allows you to create the perfect structure to suit your needs. 

For cat-proofed gardens and catios, Catipilla brings adventure to your cats outdoor environment and allows them to climb and play in the safety of their home surroundings.  

Cat Trellis.png

Indoor Environment

Make use of vertical space with Catipilla and enrich your cat’s indoor environment. Allow for your cats to get up high and climb in and around the comfort of home. For those owners that use screened outdoor patio areas, Catipilla can be used to provide natural stimulation and enjoyment for cats. 


Window Access

The original reason why Catipilla was created.

If you would like your cat to access your home through a window, Catipilla offers a simple solution. During the summer months, you may choose to leave the window open during the day. Alternatively, you can fix a Sitting Plate outside the window where your cat can relax while waiting to come inside. 

You can add as many platforms and pillars as you want, particularly if you would prefer your cat to gain access through a first floor window. Of course, you still have the option of installing a cat-flap but you can now do so through a discreet window or through a wall.

Cat Ladder.png



Catipilla is an elegant addition to any outdoor building or structure. Designed to allow for trellising, Catipilla can blend into your garden – a natural and safe play area for your cat to enjoy. It can also be used as a way for your cat to access an outbuilding outside of the home. 

In fact, Catipilla can be adapted to almost any environment, opening up new possibilities for you and your cat to explore.

Garden Shed.jpg

City Living

Catipilla can be installed onto any wall close to home so your cat doesn't have to stray far to play.

In some instances, Catipilla can be used for first floor window access, providing new opportunities for flat owners. Simply place one Catipilla above another and allow for your cat to come to you. Safety is an obvious consideration in this instance, so only consider this option if your cats are expert climbers!

Just make sure you get the all-clear from the home-owner first before putting up your Catipilla Pro.