Building Custom Cat Towers

These are the modules and units that are being developed in the coming months. We are manufacturing a suite of products so cat owners can build their own custom configurations. The first 3 of our ideas are listed below.  



The Catipilla scratcher


To protect home furnishings.


All cats need to scratch but we know that claws can cause havoc. We have designed this module to save those items in the home that are particularly vulnerable. Designed to fit onto the Pillar and between other modules, this Scratcher is a practical and useful addition to any Catipilla configuration.

Built to imitate a natural look and feel, cats will have ample space to stretch, claw, tone muscles and relieve some stress. Made of the highest-quality woven fibre for increased durability, this module is capable of enduring multiple mauling’s.  

This is a space-saving module that will satisfy a cat's inherent instincts. Coming in 2018.



The Sitting Plate

For rest and relaxtion.


The Sitting Plate has been designed as a place for cats to sit, rest and relax from up-on-high. Its multi-purpose design allows you to position the module in a number of locations. This module can be fixed onto the Pillar, directly onto a wall or can be suspended outside a window using the extendable bracket. 

The depth of this module has been carefully considered to cater for a cat's size. It's spacious and will leave ample room for the vast majority of cats to sit naturally.  

This product has been designed as an add-on to the Catipilla Pro and is an ideal module if a cat gains access to the home through a window. By using the extendable bracket, cats can be left waiting in full view when wanting to come inside. Coming in 2018.



Umbrealla Plate


To top things off.


The Umbrella Plate is a combination of a Tread Plate and a Sitting Plate and is designed to be fixed up high. 

This module focuses on allowing cats to easily travel from one side of the Pillar to the other. The Umbrella Plate also gives cats a commanding view of the surrounding area whilst providing an attractive cap to the top of the Pillar. 

With a peculiar shape and apt name, this module will be an interesting addition to any design. Coming in 2018.