cat health

Cat in the summer

Keeping Cats Cool In Summer

  With the UK basking in the first heat wave of the Summer, we can be forgiven for letting our hair down to enjoy the sunshine. Just as we need more water and sunscreen to stay safe and hydrated, our pets also require similar care…
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cat cartoon

How to Provide Enrichment in a Cat Garden

  There was a time when cats could roam free to their heart’s content. They came and went as they pleased and, as a result, they were often put in harm’s way. In recent years, many cat owners have moved away from free-living cats and…
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Smiley Cat

Useful Hints and Tips for a Happy Cat

  At Catipilla, we are passionate about cats and we want them to lead a happy, stress-free life. We initially embarked on our journey to help improve our elderly cat’s life by allowing her to climb despite ageing leg joints, but we have learned plenty…
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