black cat stare

Black ‘Cat’ Friday – Are You Superstitious?

Black ‘Cat’ Friday got us thinking about superstitions and there are many superstitions from around the world when it comes to cats. Here are a few that raised some eyebrows in the Catipilla office (particularly as we own a black cat!). England – a black…
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Cornish Rex

A Beginner’s Guide to the Cornish Rex

  In this series of blog posts, we have been exploring the unique properties of the UK’s best-loved pedigree cats. Next up is the adorable Cornish Rex. – Overview The Cornish Rex is a relatively new breed on the scene and was first bred (surprise,…
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Hiking with a cat

Guest Post – Give Your Cat The World By Catexploring

  This guest post is brought to you by Hasara Lay. Hasara is the Founder & Chief Explorer at Catexplorer, a community & movement for people who explore the world with their cats. Catexplorer is full of pet owners who aim to bring some freedom…
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Cat in the window

5 Ways To Keep Your Cat Stimulated Indoors

  This month, we have decided to put together a fun infographic which outlines 5 different ways in which a house-cat can be kept entertained! This list is a great place to start but there are a huge number of ways in which a cat’s…
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cat playing with a coloured ball

How Much Exercise Does My Cat Need?

  A common worry that many cat owners have is whether their cat/s are getting enough exercise. It’s well known that cat’s have developed an exceptionally high metabolic rate during evolution but all cats still need some form of daily activity for a number of…
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Quality over Quantity – Paws for Thought

  Considering the future of our planet has become an ever-increasing part of today’s society. Climate change, single-use plastic, sustainable energy, veganism and many other terms have encroached into the vocabulary of human beings. Words and ideals are being translated into action as more and…
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Spotted Bengal

A Beginner’s Guide to the Bengal

  Exploring one of the most exotic and elegant breeds, this blog post will examine the stunning Bengal cat.  – The Bengal Coat  The Bengal has two different types of coat, both of which are unique to this breed and are the most defining trait…
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Cats cartoon

Crazy About Cats? It’s Nothing New!

  In a world of celebrity culture, Facebook, SnapChat and Instagram, it’s easy today to spot famous people who are crazy about cats. You’re probably already aware that the following 21st Century celebrities are mad about cats and, in some cases, their feline counterparts enjoy…
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Cat scratching on wall-mounted scratching

Why Do Cats Scratch?

  We’ve all been there before. After spending a long afternoon selecting a new pair of curtains, a new sofa or a new carpet, we take our purchases home and bask in the transformation of the living room. Then, in next to no time, our…
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A Beginner’s Guide to the Siamese

  Blue-eyed, talkative, and with pointed features, the Siamese is the second most popular breed of cat across the world. One of the oldest breeds around, the Siamese originated in Asia and is now commonplace across every continent. This blog post will delve more into…
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Our Core Values

Wondering why you should choose Catipilla? These values underpin every Catipilla creation.

Our cats deserve the best.
No cat owner wants to leave their cat to a day of boredom when they leave for work. Our cats deserve to be entertained, to play and stretch and climb (and, on those lazy summer afternoons, to nap in total luxury).

Cat furniture should benefit cats whilst being a stylish addition to your home.
But it shouldn’t cost a fortune. We raise the bar for cat furniture through innovative design and by providing high-quality products and exceptional value for money. We’re confident that you won’t find anything like Catipilla on the market.

Cat furniture should be sustainable and last a lifetime.
That’s why all of our Catipilla products are made from 85% recycled materials and built to last.

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