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When designing this range, we wanted to create a product line that was based upon three important traits – quality, innovation and the health & well-being of cats. Having spoken to a number of cat breeders and cattery owners over the past 9 months, we have realised that these traits are similar to what many of them are looking for when building the right kind of environment. Many ask questions about cleanliness, durability, and function, and we wanted to write a blog post that looked more into these questions and explored the suitability of Catipilla for this market.

– Cleanliness

In the early days of testing, we did extensive work on trialling materials to use in our product range. Chiefly, we were looking for materials that were easy to keep clean, resistant to the effects of spraying and resistant to cleaning solutions that would be used on the unit’s surfaces. Having settled on EPP (expanded-polypropylene) we have found a material that can be wiped clean with minimal fuss and will not absorb water. The ABS casings on the outer edge of the Tread Plates, coupled with the anodised aluminium Pillars, ensure that our frames can be wiped down regularly with water-based solutions without having an effect on the look or life of the product.

– Durability

We recognised early-on that different breeds of cat would put varying amounts of weight through our frames. With the smallest breed weighing as little as 4 kg and the heaviest weighing as much as 13 kg or more, we were keen to develop a range that could accommodate this full spectrum. Having achieved this with clever design (our Tread Plates are reinforced with a hidden aluminium support bracket that transfers weight across the length of the unit) and extensive testing, we know that our units can hold a significant load for a long period of time without losing shape or function.

– Flexibility/Vertical Space

In a previous blog post, we discussed the importance of 3-Dimensional space for cats, particularly in multi-cat households. Naturally, the more vertical space and vantage points that cats have access to, the more space they have to exhibit natural behaviours. The modular nature of Catipilla’s range gives the flexibility to build installation to suit any space you have, both vertically and horizontally. Cats will seek out high spaces to rest, observe, and stalk, so our range can be used to accommodate these needs whilst saving valuable floor-space below.

– Health & Well-Being/The Right Environment

Anyone who raises kittens knows the importance of having the right environment. At Catipilla, we wanted our product line to offer cat owners and breeders the opportunity to focus on cat health and build installations that could be tailored to their cat’s needs. With a number of further modules in the pipeline, we are building a range that can cater for every instinct and help in building the right environment for cats to learn, grow, and explore from an early age.

With these 4 points in mind, we believe that Catipilla offers breeders and catteries a compelling climbing system that can complement any cat space. We recognise that different breeders and catteries have their own specific requirements and we would be happy to discuss any particular need as required. Please get in touch if you would like to explore this in more detail.

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Our Core Values

Wondering why you should choose Catipilla? These values underpin every Catipilla creation.

Our cats deserve the best.
No cat owner wants to leave their cat to a day of boredom when they leave for work. Our cats deserve to be entertained, to play and stretch and climb (and, on those lazy summer afternoons, to nap in total luxury).

Cat furniture should benefit cats whilst being a stylish addition to your home.
But it shouldn’t cost a fortune. We raise the bar for cat furniture through innovative design and by providing high-quality products and exceptional value for money. We’re confident that you won’t find anything like Catipilla on the market.

Cat furniture should be sustainable and last a lifetime.
That’s why all of our Catipilla products are made from 85% recycled materials and built to last.

Paws For Thought

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