Crazy About Cats? It’s Nothing New!


In a world of celebrity culture, Facebook, SnapChat and Instagram, it’s easy today to spot famous people who are crazy about cats. You’re probably already aware that the following 21st Century celebrities are mad about cats and, in some cases, their feline counterparts enjoy considerable celebrity status of their own:

·      Taylor Swift – 116 million Instagram followers and one cute cat, called Meredith Grey.

·      Ricky Gervais – A comic who adores his beloved cat, Ollie.

·      George Clooney – Isn’t George cool enough without a cat?

·      Ed Sheeran – Music maestro and self-proclaimed cat lover.

·      Russell Brand – Comedian who named his cat after a band front-man, Morrissey.

·      Morrissey – A big cat lover who didn’t return Russell Brand’s compliment. His cat’s name is Mozza.

·      Rita Ora – An X-Factor lady with an X-Factor cat.


But have you ever wondered who loved cats in the years gone by? The list below might surprise you:

·      Elizabeth Taylor – Goddess of the silver screen and owner of many cats.

·      Florence Nightingale – The pioneer of modern nursing who owned about 60 cats.

·      Mark Twain – American writer, humourist, publisher, lecturer and cat lover.

·      Eartha Kitt – The original ‘Catwoman’ (clever casting we’d say).

·      Isaac Newton – Scientific genius, cat fanatic and the designer of the first cat flap!

·      Abraham Lincoln – 16th American President who adored his cat.

·      Catherine the Great – Empress of Russia in 1762 who was rumoured to own 300 cats!


Now for the real test – can you put a face to those famous cat lovers? 

Name The Cat Lover.png
Joseph Sutton