Most Popular Cat Names of 2018


In a lot of ways, 2018 was a year of change. That is, apart from the most popular cat names. In fact, a staggering 38 of the 40 names on this list were on the 2017 list as well. Indeed, the top 5 female cat names are exactly the same as 2017, although they are in a slightly different order. Willow (7th) is the only new entrant for the female name list, whilst Binx (5th) is the only new entrant for the male list. The biggest mover is Tiger, which has dropped from 3rd last year to 10th this year. The two names that have dropped out of this list altogether are Belle and Caesar. Both Nala and Simba maintain their reign at the top - The Lion King is still having such an effect on people. The results of this study were created by Find Cat Names and were based on 2.1 million new cat owners who used their site this year.


Top Female Cat Names

1.     Nala

2.     Luna

3.     Abby

4.     Bella

5.     Daisy

6.     Cleo

7.     Willow

8.     Angel

9.     Coco

10.  Hazel


Top Male Cat Names

1.     Simba

2.     Milo

3.     Alfie

4.     Oreo

5.     Binx

6.     Jasper

7.     Felix

8.     Biscuit

9.     Bear

10.  Tiger


At Catipilla, we’re delighted to see Willow move into the list, as we are owners of a Willow ourselves. We may be waiting a while to see either Maddy or Lola though, as neither feature in the Top 25.

Joseph Sutton