Most Popular Cat Names of 2017


When looking into the most popular cat names of any year, there are always a few 'usual suspects'. It might not come as a surprise that cats named after the popular animated film The Lion King have always dominated the name list, and last year was no exception. With Nala top of the female list and Simba top of the male, 2017 was a nostalgic year. Perhaps the biggest surprise in either list is the inclusion of Milo, second on the list of male cat names. The results of this study were created by Find Cat Names and were based on 2.1 million new cat owners who used their site last year. You can see the full lists below.

Top Female Cat Names

1.     Nala

2.     Bella

3.     Luna

4.     Abby

5.     Daisy

6.     Angel

7.     Cleo

8.     Hazel

9.     Belle

10.  Coco



Top Male Cat Names

1.     Simba

2.     Milo

3.     Tiger

4.     Oreo

5.     Bear

6.     Biscuit

7.     Felix

8.     Jasper

9.     Alfie

10.    Caesar


Not one of Catipilla's own cats made the Top Ten, with Willow, Maddy and Lola nowhere to be seen. Does your cat's name make the Top Ten?

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