Catipilla: made in the UK


For small start-ups with limited resources, most manufacturing processes start with an important question. Do we manufacture quantity or quality? At Catipilla, we took the decision early-on to focus on the latter. Everything we do at Catipilla is focused on guaranteeing that our customers receive the highest quality products at reasonable prices. We want to build products that excite, intrigue and bring years of enjoyment to our cherished companions. If our early product samples are anything to go by, we think we’re right on track.   

Quality products can only be made with the highest-quality materials, and you will not find any cheap castoffs in Catipilla’s product range (or packaging for that matter). We apply attention to detail in every element of our design and manufacturing processes until we’re certain of delivering the highest standard. Recycling is another important consideration for us, and that’s why Catipilla's components are being made with recycled material and are themselves, fully recyclable.

Catipilla is being manufactured in the UK with individual components being forged, formed and fabricated in Bristol, Blackwood, Worksop, Cambridge, and Birmingham. Building a Catipilla unit is complex and involves a variety of mechanised procedures that range from aluminium extrusion, to vacuum forming, to injection moulding. Thankfully, we are working with expert manufacturers who have years of experience and are bringing a depth of knowledge that has been a significant source of support.  

With tooling set to be complete by the end of this month, we remain on track to hit our projected timeline. Sample components are being tested in the coming weeks, with full prototypes expected towards the end of August. Full production is scheduled for September and our first shipments planned shortly thereafter. By the time we launch at the National Pet Show in early November, we expect to be in full production.

With our launch date creeping closer, we’re excited to see our ideas coming together. Getting our ideas from the drawing-board to the factory has taken months of planning, but we know that the wait will be worthwhile.