Catipilla's Design Process


The design of the Catipilla product took months of testing and iteration. We were helped along the way by our friends at Idea Reality, a UK based design firm. You can see some of the high level conceptual ideas that we discussed below.

Idea 1.png

Can you spot the design that now forms the basis of Catipilla Pro? 

Next came the engineering design and creating a product that was functional, simple and relatively easy to manufacture. As with any design process, we encountered some difficulties which had to be tackled. The images below explore some of the solutions that we developed along the way.


Once again, you can probably work out which components made the cut and which ones didn’t. A few of the initially discarded ideas will be re-evaluated further down the line once we have launched the Catipilla Pro. 

From this collection of ideas and concepts came the final Catipilla Pro design, which will be the first component that we bring to market. We are delighted with the end result and are excited to have a patent pending for the innovation and design. Catipilla Pro will be the cornerstone for future product development at Catipilla.

We welcome any feedback, ideas and thoughts that you might have to enhance the product suite. Tell us what you’d like to see for your cat.

Watch this space.

Joseph Sutton